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about that. fema allocates their awards based on a couple of things number one is risk and the department of that homeland absurdity security makes their own analysis about the risks. washington, d.c. and new york are also going to be on the top of the list and between la and san francisco and other areas but san francisco is a high-risk but fema makes that determination. another reason behind it it simply cuts through fell programs given the other fell budget and the amount even if overall money and the size of the pie has grown smaller and congress has appropriated less money. we're pro-active asking mayor lee to contribute his advocacy to maximize misses the funding >> how are we changing direction for the regional due to lessee money? >> so how do that impact us and our priorities. honestly it means less money available for things we would like to buy for example, in san francisco we had a list of priorities of things we want to fund can't get to all of them. so some of the things was shelter training for red cross and shelter workers on how they would set up a ma
federal law aimed at keeping fema afloat. don dahler has more. >> it is a risk to somebody. >> this crowd of protesters at broad channel island new york over flowed on to a parking lot that was underwater almost exactly one year ago. >> we have to stop fema right now. >> the object of their rage? the federal emergency management agency. >> there were rallies like this in nine states today to protest new flood maps that put more homes in zones requiring expensive improvements. the bigger water flood insurance reform act after of 2012 says if homeowners don't raise their houses they face higher flood insurance premiums. >> what you see around here, at all houses, at all stores, all the businesses, everything has to be raised, six, eight, ten feet high. >> mike o'reilly's family has lived here for 100 years. >> if you don't comply with this impossible task, the insurance premiums are going to go up 20, $30,000 a year. no one can afford that here. >> where was your mom's house? >> right on that sort of platform on top of the pilings there. >> sandy destroyed it and severely damaged his own.
of votes to fund individual parts of government. today they are focused on fema and the national weather service. and then they will be in at work tomorrow morning voting on getting those furloughed government workers back pay. they passed the house, but they won't go anywhere in the senate. the other body said we're looking at the whole budget picture. we heard today from house speaker john boehner. house republicans have been doing a series of public relations moves here on capitol hill, he has not been there. well this morning we heard from him and he's sticking to the republican perspective. >> this isn't some damn game! the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. all we're asking for is to sit down and to have a discussion and bring fairness -- reopen the government and bring fairness to the american people under obamacare. it's as simple as that. >> that is speaker boehner. well we're still hearing the same differing perspectives from senate democrats. harry reid spoke this morning, and he recalled yesterday's dramatic events when capitol police rush
a bill to fully sustain funding for federal emergency management agency commonly known as fema. right now at this very moment, dedicated men and women at fema are preparing for the possible landfall of tropical storm karen along our gulf coast and they're not being paid. right now, at this very moment, fema has begun to recall furloughed employees in at least, georgia, and denton, texas, as the agency prepared for a potential significant natural disasterful according to the national weather service a hurricane watch is currently in effect from grand aisle, louisiana, eastward to dustin, florida. a tropical storm watch is currently in effect from west of grand aisle to east of morgan city, louisiana, and new orleans. and east to destin and indian pass, fle. -- florida. mr. speaker, this is a meage storm. we have to take it seriously system of this bill before us provides for continuing propings -- >> mr. speaker, may we have order, please. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is correct. the house is not in order. the house will be in order. please remove your conversations from the hous
, the maps re-drawn by fema put his home and tens of thousands of others across the country in high risk zones requiring far higher premiums. the premiums will become an unaffordable $20,000 a year. >> obviously, we live on the water. we know it is a risk. but the rates that we're hearing almost 10 times what i'm paying now, it is just impossible for us to afford that. number one. and to resell this house is going to be impossible. >> proponents say the change is long overdue, and critics say it leaves the homeowners with terrible options, pay off the mortgage so you don't need flood insurance, sell it it at a discount or abandon it altogether. they are protesting by directing their anger at fema, the anger that the spokesperson said is misdirected. >> i have found very little leeway as much as i have tried, on how to find affordability as enacted. >> reporter: they fear the law will turn them into ghost towns. >>> after 13 years at the top, coca-cola is no longer considered the most valuable brand in the world, that is according to an annual study by the marketing firm interbrand which
fema workers being asked to prepare for tropical storm karen. a hurricane watch is in effect. karen threatening to be the first named tropical storm to strike this year. mississippi governor declared a state of emergency. louisiana governor has done the same. fema says they should be ready to provide relief if needed. >> things here are calm. >> yes. thank goodness. >> yes that. is why we live here in the bay area. as we look at the picture just behind me, it's stunning out here, there this is a live look towards the bay. sunny skies. the breeze starting to kick up here on the roof. it's a wind direction that really is important here. we'll talk about that. clear skies right now check out the humidity. novato down to 14%. you can see an ocean of blue. 66 in san francisco. 69 oakland. san jose, 70 degrees. you can see one area of concern, hill tops. 72346 santa rosa. and temperatures, highs so far today upper 50s to upper 70s. nothing but blues blu skies and high fire danger looking at warmer weather tomorrow and saturday, trust me you're going to notice the warmth around here. it's
for fema after many workers have been furloughs. >>> we have new information about the woman shot dead after a high speed chase around washington, d.c.. she has been identified as 34- year-old dental hygienist mary ann. her sister is in disbelief saying she had talked to carrie a few days ago and everything seemed normal. carrie rammed her black infinity into a security post outside the white house. then she went down pennsylvania avenue toward the capitol building where she lightly injured a couple of officer. police eventually shot and killed her while rescuing her one-year-old daughter who was in the back seed. >> they had the car surrounded. we ducked for cover underneath the wall. everything was mass panic. >> dramatic scene in a quiet anserine apartment complex. bomb squads dozens of police and federal agents stormed 114 wood side green where the woman involved in today's deadly incident. >> last night police searched carrie's connecticut condo. she operated a dental related business from her home. she suffered from postpartum depression. the child was taken to carrie's family. >
say they won't fall victim. ((take sot)) to open fema and the national weather service as we witness a growing storm in the gulf. and we're going to also vote to provide nutrition services for women and children in poverty.> ((take sot)) as this standoff continues, the deadline to the october 17th debt ceiling approaches, with many fearing a similar result to that fight. meanwhile, bethesda based defense contractor lockheed-martin announced they will be forced to furlough three thousand workers on monday, if an agreement isn't reached. and... with a pending storm,... they... may... soon feel it even more..../ while... the national weather service... continues to operate,.../ hundreds... of... employees... have been furloughed... and... some... federal resources... that provide information... about... hazardous weather ...are down---/ making it difficult... for vital information... to reach you and me. (
(oncam tag): "some fema workers on furlough are also being brought back to work due to tropical storm karen in the gulf. one of the two miniature spending bills in the house today is for fema and disaster aid. in washington craig boswell fox news." how's this for irony.... while the government is shut down, guards at federal prisons aren't getting paid,.../ but the prisoners who work inside the walls... are. at federal corrections facilities like this one in oxford, wisconsin...corr ections officers paychecks are on hold, until the government payroll is back up and running. but because inmates selected to perform services get paid through the state bureau of prisons, those inmates are still receiving their checks. union officials hope this latest shutdown doesn't approach the length of the 1995 government shutdown that dragged on for 21 days. police... in oregon... release... dashcam footage... of a traffi
managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> fema had to bring back furloughed workers to prepare for tropical storm karen that is speced to hit the gulf coast this weekend. 86% of fema staff was furloughed. no word on how many people were brought backtracking the back, tracking the storm and you've been watching this. itth spa gety models are -- spaghetti models are concentrated. >> we use that term because they look like strings. we have the models on and when they are tightly packed they are in agreement and we can see what's going on as it comes towards us. models tightly packed so we are in good agreement we will get in the moisture from karen. now this will be making landfall sometime on saturday along the gulf coast here. from there it will track inland move up toward the northeast and head towards us by the beginning of next week. so much need moisture is on the way. but not today. we will stay dry and we can see maryland's most powerful radar. not putting down anything as the kid head out to the bus. there are more concerns with the foggy con
by the national guardsmen and it's going to continue. however, the task is not covered by fema, instead it's covered by the state. the local cost is estimated $20,000 a day. the governor said quite a bit of the fema and federal funds have already been released. >>> as awful as it is, never gets old looking at the video. >> people that want to go skiing there were big stories in "the new york times" about that. our forecast looking good and feeling good. 61 degrees now, great launching bad for the 80s this afternoon. most spots along 95 are going to be in the 80s, north and west low 80s. 52 wood bine. a moisture so we could be addressing a little patchy fog, not a big issue this morning about really just all about this gorgeous weather, wall-to-wall sunshine. not a drop to be found on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. and we are forecasting 87 degrees today. we should be at 72, so we're around 15, 16 degrees above average. we're talking about possibly coming close to some records. 89 is the record lie on this day. 13 to 16 degrees above average. more clouds for thursday keeping our te
cancer research and fema, among others. president obama had called the house republican incremental approach, their effort to pass funding bills one department at a time not serious. that apparently has changed. tonight we will take up by president obama thinks it's okay now to support what the white house called piecemeal funding, the ones he likes and out right rejects the others. we will seek answers to the question, is this a serious way for a president to govern. also tonight, new york yankee third baseman elytra dree is going on the offensive against major league baseball. the $705,000,000 man comparing baseball's performance enhancing drug investigation into the mafia-run organization. a-rod suing major league baseball and bud selig individually. tonight the gulf coast is bracing for tropical storm karen which could reach category one status overnight. karen, the first named storm system of the year, expected to make land fall. a state of emergency declared in louisiana, new orleans pjected now on the storm's path. it will be taking you live to the gulf coast. obamacare havin
the government has done and government workers could return to their jobs. >> live in washington. thank you. fema is bringing back workers ahead of extreme weather across the united states. a tornado tore through the midwest causing millions of dollars in damage, four homes there were destroyed. also, blizzards dropped 33 inches of snow on the great plains, three people were killed in traffic accidents there. and the gulf coast is under a state of e mensch emergency. a tropical storm, karen approaches but that storm is weakening and evacuation orders have been lifted in parts of southern louisiana. rebecca stevenson. more on that. >> yes. all of that rainfall coming down in the gulf coast or the gulf of mexico, itself. in fact, most of the showers we are seeing are scattered up through southern louisiana and this storm is just continuing to spin offshore, spin, rotate and weaken. so, now, being a tropical depression, karen still has the potential of bringing some tropical torm wind gusts, at least up to 40 miles an hour and it's going to be tracking on shore. you are going to see that happen in t
harrison. >>> fema is recalling some furloughed workers to help prepare for tropical storm karen. the shutdown forced 83% of fema employees to take leave. they will return to headquarters in washington and field offices along the gulf. the white house did not say how many fema workers will be headed back to work. most of the recalled workers will head to the gulf region in a few days. tropical storm karen already brought 50-mile-an-hour winds to the region. >> jay gray has the latest. what is the situation like out there right now. >> reporter: hey pat, jim. as you can see, the sun is coming out. a beautiful day with a nice breeze. take a look along pensacola beach. this is the day officials are saying get ready. do what you need to do. these conditions are going to deteriorate quickly over the next evening or so and into this weekend. this is a storm that may not reach hurricane status, but still expected to gather intensity before it makes land fall. we could see winds edging on the hurricane status, 60 to 65 miles an hour. we are going to see a driving rain. some areas could s
and governors along the coast declare states of emergency. fema is recalling furloughed workers. while the storm reminds us of devastating potential of hurricane season, it reminds the country why exactly they need the government. we'll explain on "now." [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the p
on efforts under way to prepare ahead of any impact from the storm as well as the extensive resources fema already has on hand along the gulf coast. fema, through its regional offices, has been in touch with state and local officials in the gulf states and stands ready to assist our state and local partners as necessary. based on applicable legal requirements and consistent with its contingency plan, fema has begun to recall currently furloughed employees necessary to serve functions of the agency that protect life and property as they prepare for potential landfall for tropical storm karen or of tropical storm karen. this morning, fema reactivated the hurricane liaison team embedded with the national hurricane center in miami. the president directed his team to ensure that federal resources and personnel needed to support state and local preparation efforts are available and on the job. the president directed his team to keep him appraised as to weather conditions change. he urged residents in potentially affected areas to follow instructs of local response and law enforcement officials.
responders at fema. and right now, 86% of the full-time employees at fema are furloughed. at least that was the case until this afternoon when the states of emergency started getting declared and tropical storm karen started flooding parts of south florida and the federal government was able to now recall to work the fema employees who will help prepare and deliver the expert federal response that is needed to deal with this big oncoming storm. and that's kind of the story of how we're piecemealing it together right now, to try to avoid disaster. we're hoping we can keep up the staffing levels for the police that protect the u.s. capitol building in the event that somebody tries to ram their car through the gates. we're hoping those staffing levels can keep up, even after we stop paying those officers. we're hoping that the disasters that hit, the natural disasters, are big enough and predictable enough, ones you can see coming from a long way off on the satellites, whose information we are still monitoring, so we can get fema back to work in time before anything else starts floodi
and fema that need more attention. she took time off and did amazing volunteer work in key oregon campaigns with spectacular results. besides being a good citizen, she's a proud mother to her darling daughter, dahlia. she and greg could live anywhere in america. they could make more money and not have questions about whether they are going to be paid or whether their employer was going to take away their health insurance, but they've chosen to serve the public, help congress and make the world a better place. it was an honor to be able to work with her. there's no one who better exemplifies the dedication, competence and commitment that holds this place together. thanks, jeannine. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from south carolina, mr. sanford, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i came down to this well yesterday to talk about how for 20 years i have run back and forth to the lincoln memorial and how day before yesterday i was shocked to run down there and see the place in chains. i had planned on making a run last night and then tragically the shooting occurred her
-income women and their children. and the house has funded fema. all of these bills have, moreover, been passed with significant bipartisan support in the house of the risk of overstating it, i'm still, frankly, stunned at what we're hearing from some of my colleagues. it's difficult for notice understand their -- it's difficult for me to understand their objections to passing these bills in the senate. first, none of these bills is controversial, not one of them. the bills provide funding for noncontroversial things like veterans' disability payments, the g.i. bill and cancer research. these bills keep our national parks open and make sure our national guard personnel get paid. there are many things on which republicans and democrats disagree but whether or not to take care of our veterans should not be one of them. and last i checked, it's not one of them. second, the president himself asked congress to do this. republicans in the house took the president at his word and acted immediately to draft bills that would make sure his priorities and the nation's priorities would r
. speaker, doesn't say let's just pay the federal employees at fema. it doesn't just say let's pay the federal employees at the national parks. it doesn't say, let's just pay the federal employees at the piecemeal cherry picking agencies our colleagues have brought to the fore. it says, let's hold all federal employees whole. and let's open the entire federal government and do it now. >> president obama maintained he will not negotiate. in his internet address, here's what the president said his message is to republicans. >> i made clear to them this week. there's only one way out of this reckless and damaging shutdown. pass a government that funds our government with no partisan strings attached. >> the president is in town this weekend. he canceled a trip to asia because of the shutdown. but no negotiations have been set for this weekend which republicans call a missed opportunity. >> thank you so much for that live report. not everybody is toeing the lane on the government shutdown. wisconsin governor scott walker now refusing to follow an order from the national park service to
, but most importantly, we want to make sure that washington is listening to us. >> a majority of fema's employees are listed as essential and remain on the job during the shutdown. forecasters say karen could still become a category one hurricane before it reaches land, however, i referred to .rother hill here >> the winds are kind of tearing it apart, so it has been a pretty big rain producer. not a terrible, horrible storm. let's show a pretty picture -- i always like to do this. rooftop camera here and arlington. minutes from30 sunset. look at that. low angle of sunshine, clear skies. we are still in the 80's in many locations. take a look at this, this taken this afternoon. coming on very quickly at higher elevations out west. >> are those people walking on water? >> i don't think so. i think they have a little paddle board or something. but maybe we have another story there. i'll go back and look. unseasonably warm. we're going to give this unseasonably warm air mass with us. monday, things start to change. 87 degrees at reagan national airport. hit 90l board -- we degrees today.
helping with flood relief. fema was supposed to cover most of the cost. >> weather wise, another one of those sunny days that's way above average. 86 in perry hall and in the city and glen burnie, 85. maybe not technically an indian summer but it's an extended summer. winds are out of the west at 5 to 10. it's been breezy. an interesting weather maker. all eyes on what will potentially become karen. we'll talk about how it could impact our weather. in the meantime employ a plea the 80s. we're back with more. >>> more than a dozen people are homeless cast part of a vacant row home collapsed. >> jeff hager has more on how in happened. >> city housing authorities are blaming workers who tried to save an adjacent building with putting the lives of several people in jeopardy. since part of this vacant row house collapsed in november, wooden braces have kept the rest of it from crashing down. that is until last night. >> they were working on the side of the building and all of a sudden you could see bricks fall. >> the risk of a total collapse prompted the city to -- they moved so quickly
under our insurance or through fema or the general government. we're taking advantage of what we've learned from other water companies that have experienced wild fires in the past couple of years. now the pre-pictures, it's always good to have a few. here's a picture from the september of 17th. you can't tell there really was a fire there. that's the north rim. you're looking toward the damn. i showed you the picture that's on the left on the screen from our last update, the ash isn't visible on the damn. the damn is clear. there's no smoke in the background. it's blue skies but we do have damages. these are not before and after shots but it gives you an idea that there's areas that have been burnt out where the trees have gone at this point in time and we've removed some of those hazardous trees and there's some vegetation left on the side of the road but you can see burned patches. this is looking down on the home power house. we talked to you about the roof being damaged, the home power house is being repaired right now. but you get a sense that coming up that canyo
and how it will effect certain things. you know how fema has effected storms or the recovery of storms or the hope from storms in the past? so, fema workers who had been furloughed have been recalled. also, national guard members and all of the states effected. louisiana, mississippi, alabama and florida have been brought in and are on stand by for this. in the meantime, new orleans to mayor talked the earlier today about what they were doing. he said the government furloughs is certainly something important and they are doing things just as normal. >> there no light between us and the central government. the furlough and the concerns in washington right now are going to have no impact in our ability to put a total compliment of federal, state and local officials on the the ground to protect citizens. >> reporter: what's ironic about this is this a place of jewel of mississippi it's right on the gulf coast. there are beautiful homes right on the coast. >> if you tphapbl tphapblg imagn edge. certainly we will have to wait and see. >> certainly t thanks very much. meteorologist dave warr
have been stranded in france at this time as a result, suzy. >>> fema, the federal emergency management agency bill or fema says as a result of the government shutdown, only 19% of it's permanent work force is available to deal with an emergency and it comes as tropical storm karen takes aim at the gulf coast expected to make landfall on saturday night. mandatory evacuation orders are issued for some parts of louisiana and energy output in the gulf is cut in half as oil and natural gas drillers shut down platforms evacuating workers. some of the biggest energy producers in the gulf saw sizable gains in the stocks today. look at marathon oil up 2%, exxonmobil and anadarko rose one percent. >>> pot belly corp, with investors gobbling them up the chicago-based sandwich chain priced shares at $14 each, raising better than $105 million. the chain has 286 stores nationwide but the ceo says the company is poised for rapid expansion. >>> we are promising our investors that we're going to grow about 10% unit each year. we'll grow to catch type of company, take the cash, invest it in great new un
on nbc fema is recalling furloughed workers to prepare for tropical storm karen. the shut dun forced them to take leave. those workers will return to d.c. and field offices along the gulf. the white house did not say how many fema workers will be headed back to work. right now weather warnings are out along the gulf coast as tropical storm karen inches closer. it could reach hurricane force by tonight and landfall tomorrow night. beach businesses are closing up shop and workers are moving guard stands and chairs off the stand. many louisiana towns are making sure pump stations are ready in flood-prone neighborhoods. oil and gas companies are moving out workers. storm team four has been watching the storm. we were talking about it the other day. >> it could affect our weather the first part of next week. look at karen now. it has been more intense as we got through the morning hours as far as rainfall is concerned. the winds have weakened. the amount of convection activity, the thunderstorm activity around it is increasing. it is going to come ashore. this is the latest track t
stations are being readied especially in flood prone neighborhoods. the white house says fema will recall some workers to had help prepare for the storm karen. employees will return to headquarters here in d.c. and field offices ahong the gulf. they did not say how many fema workers will be heading back to work. >>> it is now 4:50. while you've been seeing temperatures in the 80s, it's a very different story in montana. western parts of the state received 10 inches of snow, 10! knocking out power to many homes. a winter storm advisory stretched from the plains to the rockies and through montana. temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s. we are having summerlike weather. the poor folks in montana might like it. i won't say poor folks. >> that's true. that is one of the systems heading in this direction. we may have to deal with something next week, right? >> that is a front that will be bringing us some rain, needed rain, here by monday. this morning we're dealing with some fog around and certainly is looking like fall here even though it's feeling like summer. this photo sent in by
, many fema workers being furloughed. >> the way that we get information is from government agencies. the national weather service, they are all governmental agencies. with the workers not at full force it might be difficult. we will keep an eye on this. and it is one of the situations, fortunately, this is not a huge storm but any storm can be problematic. but not a huge one. we will show you how it will play into the forecast, it will be monday and tuesday before it moves in our general direction. >>> right now a gorgeous day. like the last few. the fog is out there again, because the humidity and dew points have been higher. today again. 63 is the dew point. and 67 is the temperatures. when the numbers are close, you are going to get fog. the calm winds there is nothing to move it around and stir it. we will start to see most of that leveling out. when the sun comes up it burns it off. the wind picks up a little bit. everything will be rick with the world as soon as the sun comes up at 7:00. here are the temperatures around the state. 58 in oakland. 65 in elkton. 77 in washington,
will tell you yeah no. fema brought back a number of furloughed employees preparing for the tropical storm. it's expected to reach hurricane strength later today possibly. that's a possibility? >> aid possibility but i don't think it will happen. i will explain later why. >> so despite that 86% of fema staff has been if you are lolled but a number have been brought -- furloughed but a number have been brought back but the agency is not saying how many. lynette will breakdown the storm but as we go over to weather queen anne's county on a 90 minute delay and kent county on a one hour delay also the result of fog. >> we have that patchy dense fog out there this morning. so make sure to take it easy. let's talk about tropical tomorrow karen because it's spinning in the gulf and i will show you that in the meantime, we have tropical storm alerts. we have a hurricane watch in oif he can. you can see the different colors across the gulf coast right now. we are talking about tropical storm watches and warnings and the warnings are in the red. the dark pinks here this is the hurricane watch that i
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